Stephanie + Shawn (Columbus, GA, USA)

Stephanie and Shawn are so cool that instead of having just one highlight film, decided to have two! One for when they feel more nostalgic and emotional, and another one a little more upbeat! Well, I have to say that I loved the idea!

But, speaking about the couple…
When you see people that have finally found each other you know immediately. It is like a feeling.

Finding the love of your live is not an easy task. We all want to spend our lives with somebody that make us feel alive. Somebody that makes us a better person, that fills our live with love, laughter, joy and adventure. Somebody that loves us in good times and in bad. Somebody that warms our freezing toes each and every night.

Well, when I met Stephanie and Shawn I felt exactly like that. Two people that have found each other, and who from the first day knew that their destiny was to be together.

If we can learn one thing from this couple it is that you have to dream big. You have to have huge dreams for your life and always, ALWAYS pursue these dreams. Because even if you don’t believe it, swiping right actually does work!

Ensure to select ‘HD’ 1080p to watch in best quality

Love letter from the Bride

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Roger and his team. From beginning to end the experience was absolutely fabulous. I chose him a year out from the wedding and it took me 6 months to pick. I was back and forth for so long but once my husband and I spoke with him, we knew Vasanta was the right choice. He was so focused on making sure what was captured was exactly as I wanted and it didn’t stop after the wedding. Roger shared so many wonderful snippets as he built our beautiful film and once the highlight reel came, he continued to work with me on sound bits, music choices, etc. The time, consideration, patience and quality was more than I would have ever imagined. I have memories that will last me a lifetime and they’re not only beautiful, but artistic, filled with emotion and just absolutely lovely!!!

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