How do I make a photo reservation?

Reservations for photography services are made using our booking platform (Pixieset) here. Enter your preferred day and time and submit your request. Once we receive it, we will confirm or propose a new date. Then you can finish the booking process in the booking platform by signing the agreement contract and submitting the reservation fee payment of $150. Please check your email spam folder, since sometimes our email response might end up popping up in there.

When do I pay and how does the payment work?

The 1st payment (reservation fee) will be 150$ of the total due and is non-refundable. You date is not reserved until this payment has been received.

The second and final payment will be due after the session photos are taken.

All payments are processed with our booking platform. You can use Credit card (select Paypal option), Paypal, Venmo and Cash App.

How long does it take for you to deliver the photos?

I try to deliver your photos within a week after the session.

Can I reschedule?

Of course! I’m extremely flexible with scheduling since I live in Tallahassee, and always make sure to accommodate for things that come up last minute like weather, personal reasons, etc.

Do you pose me?

Yes. To be more accurate, I will guide you to get the best out of you. Some people are more natural at posing than others, but whatever your experience taking photos is I will always help you to look your best on your special day!

Can I change outfits?

Of course! As many times you want during your session time!

What locations do you recommend?

Westcott and Langford Green are usually the two most popular spots. On high season, long lines tend to form because of how many people want photos there.

Other popular spots are your college of graduation, your Sorority/Fraternity, Legacy Walk, Greek Park, Landis Green.

What time should I arrive?

If you are looking to get the typical fountain shot at Wescott, I usually recommend that you arrive before your session start time and start the line so we don’t miss any time of your session waiting. Lines can get pretty long in high season (more than one hour wait sometimes). If you have a friend that can wait on the line or hold your spot for you while we get pictures around even better!  We only have 75 min aprox for your session, so the less time we spent waiting on lines the more pictures we can take!

What do I bring to my session?

Cap, gown, and stole are usually a must if you are doing a graduate session! Champagne or confetti are always good props to use! (Bring multiple if you’re nervous about getting it right the first try!) Maybe a towel if you tend to get a bit sweaty or plan to use champagne.

Can I bring a friend or guests to the session?

A close friend or partner is always welcomed and can help moving things around, carrying stuff and saving a line spot for you while we take some pics. Guests are also welcome at the beginning or end of the session to take some photos with you!

Do you speak Spanish? ¿Habla español?

¡Claro! Spanish is my native language (also Catalan!). I’m happy to cover bi-lingual or Spanish-speaking events.